At Your Leisure

by Purvis

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Hello, everyone.

Back in July of the 2,015th year of our Lord (who is not to be confused with your shitty Lord), Shawn Bourg, Matthew Voelkel, and myself were harassing local audio enthusiasts to record a four song demo to showcase the band's current sound. Purvis had seen its share of line-up changes since we started in 2012, and we failed to release any audio recordings since August of that year. We needed to find a cheap way to update the sounds people heard when they stumbled upon our Facebook or Bandcamp pages and thought, "What do these fucking clowns sound like?"

During this time, an old friend of the band, Orlando Da Silva, suggested to me that, instead of paying for a half-assed recording in someone's bedroom studio, we should put our limited funds towards recording it ourselves. This seemed like a horrible idea at the time because I had never recorded a band previously, and I'm afraid of failure and harming my brittle ass ego. But recording it ourselves would allow to put out endless recordings over the next few years without dealing with the "creative input" of people who know what they're doing. I'm a huge fan of quantity over quality.

Well, it's November now, and it's time to share what we managed to shit out over the last two months. The room we used could be referred to in politically correct terms as "acoustically challenged," and we invested in less than $1,000 worth of gear for the project. That isn't a "Be Ware of Shit Music" disclaimer, so much as it is a statement of "Hey, I'm pretty fucking proud of what we managed to do with so little."

So here it is.

This is what these fucking clowns sound like.


released November 3, 2015

Matthew Voelkel, Shawn Bourg, William Creppell



all rights reserved


Purvis New Orleans, Louisiana

Purvis is a shitty butt-rock band from New Orleans, Lousiana. We think highly of our music, and we hope you think it's at least "pretty alright."

Our goal as a band is to make you shake that delicious booty and praise the devil.

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